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"Ikon has been an asset to us with their E.D.M., carbon cutting and water-jet services. They are reliable and easy to work with and their pricing is competitive as well!"
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IKON EDM is a full service machine shop that utilizes the Omax 80160 waterjet and its Tilt-A-Jet technology. This particular machine offers one of the largest machining envelopes that is available in the region at 80" X 160" and up to 8" in thickness. The rigid gantry style machine allows us to maintain a typical tolerance of .003 to .005. and the 10 degree Tilt-A-Jet technology allows us to control the amount of deflection (kerf) on the work piece to ensure a quality part is produced each and every time.
If you require any additional or secondary machining operations, IKON EDM has a full compliment of high-speed mills and cnc equipment to complete any job in house and on time.
IKON's waterjet is capable of machining virtually any material without producing mechanical stress points or heat affected areas commonly caused by other machining methods. This is accomplished while leaving a superior edge quality and does not jeopardize the original integrity of the part.
Waterjet machining versatility has limitless applications and capabilities that can take costly, time consuming, conventional machining projects and turn them around so they can be done cost effectively and on time.
Many industries such as the steel, aerospace, oil and fabrication have been using waterjet technology for years. Different materials such as wood, rubber, glass, stone, textiles and composites are all easily machined on our waterjet. Difficult metals like stainless, inconel and titanium are machined just as easy as any other material.
If your project requires any additional or secondary machining operations, IKON has a full compliment of high-speed mills and cnc equipment to complete any job in house and on time. We are committed to giving each and every customer the quality they demand and deserve.
Here are a few industries that utilize waterjet machining:
Stone & Tile.....granite, slate, marble, ceramic & porcelain for counter tops and custom tile floor inlays and artistic designs.
Tool & Die/Mold.......stripper plates, die sections, manifolds, wear plates, ejector/retainer/back plates
Automotive.......part trimming & production, gauges & fixtures, line components.
Give the experienced staff at IKON EDM the opportunity to quote your next waterjet or machining project so you can see for yourself how our experience and efficiency can help you stay competitive in today's global market.