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"Ikon EDM started out as a one-time vendor with us to help relieve the pressure on some compressed tryout dates we had. After they had an opportunity to see our internal processes and procedures they made some recommendations which we eventually implemented. These simple suggestions increased our productivity by 17% and reduced our material cost by.."
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Rick W.
Titan Tool Technologies

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To facilitate our customer's need for quality assurance, we felt it was imperative that we select a software package that would be capable of meeting all of our customer requirements right from the feasibility stage through to the completed production part. Delcam put together a package of PowerShape for all of our design needs, PS Electrode for all of our electrode surfacing & extraction and PowerMill for all of our cutter path programming & cnc machining concepts.
Power Shape CAD Design
Software Version 5.7.30
We use this software to extract electrodes
from customer supplied data or create electrodes
from customer supplied prints.
PowerMILL 6.0 Software
PC Fapt Cut Software