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"IKON EDM offers an unrivalled 24/7 service and support package to keep our business ahead of our competition. I find them personable, trustworthy and credible in their turn key deliveries and their competitive prices have contributed to a 50% savings to our machining processes with water-jet technology."
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Marc Chaput
L&M Machine and Automation/Roden Manufacturing Corp

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Our Sinker EDM department is equipped with 6 cnc die-sinking machines capable of handling everything from your basic EDM requirements to intricate, orbiting, vector details. To maintain the necessary repeatability and ensure highly accurate tolerances, each machine is equipped with precision tooling by Hirschmann. Our highly skilled craftsmen have a wide range of experience to draw from. Whether it is a speaker grille, retractor core pull or cavity optic surface our experienced staff will see to every detail of your EDM requirements to ensure that our customer's needs are achieved.
Machine Specifications:
#1 Tank size: X=55" Y=35" Z=24" Open Height: = 32"
#2 Tank size: X=30" Y=20" Z=15" Open Height: = 24"
#3 Tank size: X=46" Y=32" Z=20" Open Height: = 22"
#4 Tank size: X=86" Y=45" Z=28 Open Height: = 54"