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"Ikon has been an asset to us with their E.D.M., carbon cutting and water-jet services. They are reliable and easy to work with and their pricing is competitive as well!"
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Kevin Hedges
Reko Tool

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To fully optimize our software package, we integrated several Hirschmann multi positional manufacturing pallets and (3) high-speed machining centers. Our highly accurate and precise CNC machines are manned by some of the most experienced high-speed machinists in the area. Integrating operator, machine, tooling and software has enabled us to produce the kind of accuracy and efficiency that all of our customers have come to expect from IKON.

As in all other departments, we are fully capable of accepting machining that requires other types of tooling other than Hirschmann. We have a full compliment of machining bases for Erowa, Meca and System 3R.

Machine Specifications:
#1) Table: 28" X 16" Travels: X = 22" Y = 16" Z = 16"

#2) Table: 28" X 16" Travels: X = 22" Y = 16" Z = 16"

#3) Table: 30" X 18" Travels: X = 22" Y = 16" Z = 26"